2016/Color/90 mins/India (Moran)

Category National Award Winning Films
Director Jaicheng Jai Dohutia
Producer Jaicheng Jai Dohutia
Screenplay Jaicheng Jai Dohutia, Bhaskar Jyoti Das
Cinematography Chida Bora
Editor Diganta Bora, Jaicheng Jai Dohutia
Music NA
Set NA
Costume NA
Cast Bandoi Chetia, Bishal Anurag, Nivedita Baruah, Jitu Moran.
Production Company Mayamara Production
World Sales National Film Development Corporation of India
Festival/Awards 64th National Film Award 2017 for best feature in Moran language; Grand Jury Prize - India Gold at Mumbai Film Festival

Heramoni, mother of untraced extremist Mukti, whose last rites she had performed receives intimation that his death cannot be confirmed by the outfit and knows not how to respond and Biplob, who had left the outfit and is alone, unable to be part of the mainstream surrendered rebels, has his own problems of existence.

Jaicheng Jai Dohutia
Jaicheng Jai Dohutia is known for his different approach and original creative works. By profession writer, director and producer Dohutia was born in Assam. In 2009, after completing his graduation frpm Jyoti Chitraban Film and Television Institute, Guwahati he examined with shorts and documentaries.

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