1949/B&W/125 mins/INDIA

Category Centenary Tribute
Director Debaki Kumar Bose
Producer NA
Screenplay Debaki Kumar Bose
Cinematography Dhiren Dey
Editor Rabin Das
Music Anil Bagchi
Set Shubho Mukhopadhyay
Costume NA
Cast Rabin Majumder
Anubha Gupta
Nitish Mukhopadhyay
Nilima Das
Reba Debi
Tulsi Chakraborty
Nripati Chatterjee
Nibhanani Devi
Production Company Chitramaya
World Sales Deluxe Film Distributors
Festival/Awards NA

Milai developed a reputation as a poet by participating in a Karal Kabigan. A married Thakurjee fell in love with him. There arose a scandal. He left his village and travelled with a romantic Jhumur troupe of dancers and musicans. The prostitute Bason who advances the hero initially rejected, eventually comes to embody the unity of the art and design as theorised in the Vaishnavite system of the belief.

Debaki Kumar Bose
Debaki Kr. Basu was born in 25th November, 1898. He came to the film industry to be a hero. Director Dhiren Ganguly called him to act as a hero of the film "Kamonar Aagun". His acting career did not last long. He was more interested to work as a director. He directed both silent and talkie movie. He died in 1971 in 17th November.

Selected Filmography:
Seeta (1934)
Meghdoot (1945)
Ratnadip (1951)
Bhalobasa (1955)
Arghya (1961)