Two Soldiers

2017/Color/94 mins/Italy

Category Cinema International
Director Marco Tullio Giordana
Producer Rosario Rinalda
Screenplay Maurizio Braucci, Ludovica Rampoldi, Massimiliano Virgilio
Cinematography Vincenzo Carpineta
Editor Francesca Calvelli, Claudio Misantoni
Music Andrea Farri
Set Giancarlo Basili
Costume Gemma Mascagni
Cast Angela Fontana, Daniele Vicorito, Dario Rea, Walter Lippa, Nunzio Coppola, Bianca Nappi, Rosario Sparno
Production Company Cross Production, Beta Film, RAI Fiction
World Sales Cross Production, Beta Film
Festival/Awards Locarno, 2017

District of Naples. Here young people attempt to survive: there are those, like Salvatore, who immediately bow to the system and become pushers. Others, like Enzo, are intent on finding honest work, but end up joining the Army and being shipped off to a high risk battlefield. And then there is a girl, Maria, who is planning her wedding to Enzo, the boy she loves and who represents for her the chance to change her life. They show three different ways to respond to the same problems of survival, each one on a different front, each one is a soldier. But things are going to change when Maria and Salvatore eventually meet.

Marco Tullio Giordana
As director in 1980, Marco Tullio Giordana made his debut with Maledetti vi amero, film about the '60s generation, Golden Globe winner at Locarno Film Festival. From there onwards Marco Tullio Giordana has mostly focused his work on socially active topics such as terrorism and political crime as it is for The Fall of Rebel Angels (1981), Pasolini un delitto italiano (1995).

Selected Filmography:
One Hundred Steps (2000),
Piazza Fontana: The Italian Conspiracy (2012),
The Best of Youth (2003)