Red Turban

2017/Color/76 mins/INDIA

Category Unheard India: Rare Language Indian Films
Director Prashant Nagendra
Producer Ratnesh N Shah
Screenplay Prashant Nagendra
Cinematography Mangesh Gadekar
Editor Sagar Vanjari
Music Sitaram Singh
Set Vijay Vishwakarma
Costume NA
Cast Roushan Raj (Radhkant)
Shweta Verma (Tiru)
Premlata Mishra (Tiru's Mother)
Production Company Sacred Fig Entertainment
World Sales NA
Festival/Awards NA

Enscripted by Rajkamal Chaudhary, Lalka Paag is the story of Tiru, a village girl & Radhakant, a modern day man with high educational qualification, perusing an M.B.B.S degree. He gets forcefully married to Tiru instead of college love - Kamakhya. Tiru is a reflection as well as a representation of the ideal Maithili women,an epitome of sacrifice.She is well-aware of all the rituals & societal prescribed duties of her life. Tiruwas aware that Radha would never full-heartedly accept her as his wife. The suppressing silence of Tiru soon became her enemy, this perennial silence made her spouse & in-laws even stronger & neglecting towards her emotions. So much that Radhakant started contemplating on getting married with Kamakhya. Radhakant confesses his intention to marry Kamakhya in front of Tiru. She declares she has no objection. Now, Tiru becomes like a puzzle to Radhakant, an unsolved & inviting puzzle.

Prashant Nagendra
Prashant Nagendra is a simple boy from Madhubani. At an early age he recognized a knack for creativity, which led him to pursue a course in fashion designing from the most reputed college of India, NIFT, (National Institute of Fashion Technology). However due to certain unfortunate incidents, he had to drop out. As they say, it's the drop outs that make the great;PrashantNagendra soon joined management studies from symbiosis pune. After doing a couple of jobs at in finance, he realized his profession was not a justice to his caliber as an artist. He relentlessly kept on trying to achieve higher.