Bright Sunshine In

2017/Color/94 mins/France

Category Special Tribute
Director Claire Denis
Producer Olivier Delbosc
Screenplay Claire Denis, Christine Angot
Cinematography Agnes Godard
Editor Guy Lecorne
Music Stuart A Staples
Set Arnaud de Moleron
Costume Judy Shrewsbury
Cast Juliette Binoche (Isabelle), Xavier Beau vois (The banker), Philippe Katerine (Mathieu), Josiane Balasko (Maxime), Sandrine Dumas (The friend), Nicolas Duvauchelle (The actor)
Production Company Curiosa Films
World Sales Films Distribution
Festival/Awards NA

Hope, expectation and disappointment in love: Isabelle goes through many states and experiences many feelings. She would like to find true love; to meet someone with whom she could be herself. She's not sure that this is ever going to happen. When a man appears, it could be him-but never is. She's going through a period like this-of uncertainty, in the hopeful pursuit of an ideal-and she discovers once again that a feeling can make you happy, just as much as it can harm and hurt you. Whether man or woman, everyone has experienced the promise of love and the hope of finding it. It's this man, in a parked car, to whom a woman explains she's deeply touched by his feelings, but that she doesn't feel the same.

Claire Denis
Claire Denis, a French film director and writer, is widely considered as one of the strongest voices in contemporary world cinema. Her films White Material(2009) and 35 Shots of Rum(2008) are frequently included among the best films of the 21st century, and also considered as modern masterpieces among the greatest films directed by women in the history of cinema. Her work has a lasting impact on cinematic identity of Europe and has dealt with themes of colonial and post-colonial West Africa, as well as issues in modern France.

Selected Filmography:
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2002 Friday Night