Ismael's Ghosts

2017/Color/110 mins/France

Category Special Tribute
Director Arnaud Desplechin
Producer Pascal Caucheteux
Screenplay Arnaud Desplechin, Julie Peyr, Lea Mysius
Cinematography Irina Lubtchansky
Editor Laurence Briaud
Music NA
Set Toma Baqueni
Costume Nathalie Raoul
Cast Mathieu Amalric (Ismael), Marion Cotiard (Carlotta), Louis Garrel(Ivan), Charlotte Gainsbourg (Sylvia), Alba Rohrwacher (Arielle/Faunia), Laszlo Szabo(Bloom), Hippolyte Girardot (Zwy)
Production Company Why Not Productions
World Sales Wild Bunch International Sales
Festival/Awards NA

Ismael Vuillard makes films. He is in the middle of one about Ivan, an atypical diplomat inspired by his brother. Along with Bloom, his master and father-in-law, Ismael still mourns the death of Carlotta, twenty years earlier. Yet he has started his life over again with Sylvia. Sylvia is his light. Then Carlotta returns from the dead. Sylvia runs away. Ismael rejects Carlotta. Driven mad by these ordeals, he abandons the shoot for his family home in Roubaix. There, he lives as a recluse, besieged by his ghosts.

Arnaud Desplechin
A respected auteur, Arnaud Desplechin is held in very high regard among the present filmmakers of France. He is often described in terms that make him reappear as an avatar of La Nouvelle Vague. While his films are challenging and often too intellectual for the mainstream, they reveal him as someone who is not afraid of pushing the boundaries of cinema as an art form and as someone who has an instinctive awareness of how cinema can be used to probe the darkest and the most complex areas of human experience

Selected Filmography:
My Golden Days (2015), Jimmy P. (2014),
A Christmas Tale (2008), Kings & Queen (2006),
Comment Je Me Suis Dispute (2000)