Androma... Blood and Coal

2012/Color/96 mins/Morocco

Category Contemporary Moroccan Cinema
Director Az Larab Alaoui Lamhazri
Producer Az Larab Alaoui Lamhazri
Screenplay Az Larab Alaoui Lamhazri
Cinematography Fadel Chouika
Editor Ghizlane Assif
Music Mohamed Oussama
Set NA
Costume Assia Ismaili
Cast Mohammed Khouyi, Mohammed Majd, Jalila Tlemsi (Androman), Lina Lhanafi, Amine Naji , Hassan Badida
Production Company Saiss Medit Production
World Sales NA
Festival/Awards Best Actress, Best Actor, Critics Awards - National Film Festival of Tanjier, 2012; Best Cinematography, Critics Awards - Muscat International Film Festival, 2012

Ouchen, arrogant and rustic, is a coal miner who has inherited from his ancestors and desires to leave this legacy to his son, but unfortunately fate deprives him of a boy who would succeed him and then decides to change his eldest daughter, In boy Androman. Androman who revives the mutations of his adolescent body and the feminine attitudes that betrays his false masculine appearance, will be reluctant to his will. Haunted by the desire to become woman again, she falls in love.

Az Larab Alaoui Lamhazri
Az Larab Alaoui Lamhazri is a producer- Script writer - Documentaliste from Morocco. He is a doctorate in visual cinematographic discourse and graduate from the school of cinema and television - Canada in Cinema critic. He is an author of Critical approach to the Moroccan cinema discourse (1905 - 2000). He produces several documentaries for national and international channels.

Selected Filmography:
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