Calcutta Sonata

2017/Color/55 mins 20 sec

Category Documentary Films
Director Subha Das Mollick
Producer NA
Screenplay NA
Cinematography Abheri De, Barun De Joardar
Editor Sanchari Das Mollick, Sudip Das
Music NA
Set NA
Costume NA
Cast NA
Production Companies NA
World Sales NA
Festival/Awards NA

The story of the gradual assimilation of the western musical instrument piano into the cultural fabric of the city of Calcutta. Through the piano the Bengali learnt to appreciate the nuances of western music. He imbibed western ideas into Indian musical compositions. He also experimented to adapt 'ragas' to the well tempered scale of the piano. As the piano proliferated in the city, the support system to maintain the pianos in tune also grew stronger. The grand instrument found its place in Indian homes, churches, schools, clubs, playhouses, cinemas and Indian literature.