2017/Color/131 mins/India

Category Bengali Premiere
Director Reshmi Mitra
Producer Indrajeet Roy
Screenplay Reshmi Mitra, Moloy Bandopadhyay
Cinematography Badal Sarkar
Editor Sujoy Datta Roy
Music Raja Narayan Dev
Set Tapan Seth
Costume Debashree Das
Cast Bratya Basu, Rituparna Sengupta, Sreela Majumder, Saheb, Manali Dey
Production Company Aatreyee Nirman Pvt. Ltd.
World Sales NA
Festival/Awards NA

Baranda is a story of some people who wait lifelong in the Balcony of Life, the eternal symbol of waiting for those who have lost everything. This film is about the nuances of a dark life, where a little free air, though filled with urban odour is felt. People can watch smiling faces of the neighbours, talks to them and helps them to breathe afresh.

Reshmi Mitra
Reshmi Mitra stands as a powerhouse of a woman-an amalgamation of raw talent, initiative, dedication and creativity. She is a formidable personage in the world of not only theatre and literature but also Bengali cinema. She has made many telefilms, documentaries and feature films. Her films attended many national and international film festivals.

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