Naa Katha

2017/Color/17 mins 31 sec

Category Short Films
Director Niranjan Goud.A
Producer NA
Screenplay NA
Cinematography A.Varun Kumar
Editor Chetan Kumar
Music NA
Set NA
Costume NA
Cast Akash Gopinathan,Chaitanya, Sunita Manohar, Nutrien
Production Company L.V. Prasad Film and Tv Academy
World Sales NA
Festival/Awards NA

In the battle ground, amidst life and death, Jaswanth started murmuring because of a bad dream, to wake up Somnath beside him and tells him that he dreamed of killing his family. When Somnath was 7 years old, his grandmother shows him a puppet show about a king Kukshikudu, who kills his own Senadhipathi because he didnít follow the order of his king to kill a child. Later when the enemy attacks, Somnath saves Jaswanth from a bomb blast and when Jaswanth thanks him, Somnath says Jaswanth just not to kill someone innocent as a repay. A higher official learns to know that few people entered their base area and decides to execute them. Somnath denies killing them and so, the higher official asks Jaswanth to execute Somnath. Jaswanth stands there pointing the gun towards Somnath and looks into his eyes remembering Somnath saving his life. Will Jaswanth kill Somnath or will he be killed along with Somnath?