2017/Color/87 mins/India

Category Competition on Indian Language's Films
Director Satish Babusenan, Santosh Babusenan
Producer Santosh Babusenan
Screenplay Satish Babusenan, Santosh Babusenan
Cinematography Satish Babusenan, Santosh Babusenan
Editor Vigil FX
Music Santhosh Thampi
Set Satish Babusenan, Santosh Babusenan
Costume Maitreyi Babusenan
Cast Nina Chakrabarty, K. Kaladharan, Sarath Sabiia
Production Company Fifth Element
World Sales Fifth Element, Trivandrum-695014, Mob: +919895147585
Festival/Awards NA

This film is about Rajendra Prasad who is a retired cop, drives to a remote mountain village. He knows he has come there to do something important but he cannot remember what. Maravi is about addressing what lies buried at the bottom of our bag of memories. Hidden from everyone: especially, oneself.

Satish Babusenan, Santosh Babusenan
Satish Babusenan and Santosh Babusenan are brothers. Their first film "Chaayam Poosiya Veedu" had won the Best Debut Directors prize of the Kerala Film Critics Association in 2015. Their films have competed in Cairo International Film Festival, Bodhisattva Film Festival, Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival, and won awards like the John Abraham Award and Darshini Award in 2016 for "Ottayaal Paatha".

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