2017/Color/81 mins/Iran

Category International Competition: Innovation in Moving Images
Director Kazem Mollaie
Producer Kazem Mollaie
Screenplay Kazem Mollaie
Cinematography Majid Gorjian
Editor Emad Khodabakhsh, Kazem Mollaie
Music Babak Mirzakhani
Set Mohammad Akbari
Costume NA
Cast Levon Haftvan (Dr. Ahmad Kupal)
Production Company MK
World Sales MK (Kazem Mollaie)
Festival/Awards NA

"Kupal" is the story of a hunter and a taxidermist, called "Dr. Ahmad Kupal". On the last day of the year, moments before the turn of the year, he faces an unexpected challenge .

Kazem Mollaie
Kazam Mollaie was born on 21 September 1981 in Sabzevar, Iran. He is the member of the "ranian Young Cinema Society" (IYCS) / 1998. Mollaie holds a B.Sc. in Cinema Directing from Sooreh University of Tehran / 2005.Also, a member of the Iranian Alliance of Motion Picture Guilds (Khaneh Cinema) and "The Iranian Short Film Association" (ISFA) / 2009 Jury Member of the Iranian Short Film Academy / 2011, he was the chief Editor of ISFA website / 2016. He was also member of Board of Directors of the Iranian Short Film Association (ISFA) / 2016.

Selected Filmography:
1) From game to / Short Film / 2000
2) Tel / Short Film / 2000
3) The wind is blowing in the Alley / Short Film / 2002
4) Akbar,For God Sake, don't die before me! / Short Film / 2003
5) Carmen Funebre / Documentary / 2005
6) Please stay away from the red line / Short Film / 2008
7) Minus / Short Film / 2009
8) Delete / Short Film / 2011
9) Kupal / First Narrative Feature / 2017