2016/color/106 mins/spain

Category International Competition : Women Directors' Films
Director Alba Gonzalez de Molina
Producer El Gatoverde
Screenplay Alba Gonzalez de Molina
Cinematography Alvaro Sanz
Editor Oscar Santamaria
Music Belen Alvarez Doreste
Set Raquel Souto
Costume Maria Nieto
Cast Marine Discazeaux (Julie), Silvia Maya (Victoria), Rikar Gil (Marco), Juan Martin Gravina (Lucas), Emilio Linder (Felipe), Mario Minano (Cesar), Javier Tolosa (Hector), Daniel Martin Pena (David), Irene Ferradas (Ainhoa)
Production Company El Gatoverde
World Sales El Gatoverde
Festival/Awards Warsaw 2016

Julie decides to leave hastily leaving behind everything that surrounds it. It will embark on a flight that will take her to a remote village where intentarar hide from herself. There she finds her place as teacher. Its inhabitants believe to get to know, however, no one knows who is really Julie. Nobody knows who is behind that elusive gaze.